New Members pay dues of $50.00 USD their initial year and $30.00 USD each year thereafter.

All members agree to abide by a CODE OF CONDUCT that encourages safe and courteous driving and member behavior. Members will receive an interior numbered window cling and are expected to display it during each event.

The Organizing Committee strives to keep current membership balanced between vintage (pre-1998) and modern cars. The Committee reserves the right to place new memberships “on hold” when the membership make-up becomes over-weighted in either category. With the written pre-approval of the Organizing Committee, members may occasionally bring vintage Non-European sports cars.

Membership meetings typically occur once a month at a designated location – weather permitting. “Rain dates” are typically the following Sunday of the current month – again weather permitting. Consecutive rain dates will result in a cancellation for that month. Members are notified of meetings via email and are expected to RSVP.

Prospective members are encouraged to contact the Organizing Committee at with their name, and year, make, model of their European sports car. You must include at least one picture of the exterior of the car you intend to bring to the meetings. The committee will respond via email regarding the status of the application.