• The February Member’s Meeting Will Take Place on Sunday 2/25

    The weather looks like it will hold off until around 1:30 PM.  We should be good for our Member’s Meeting event on Sunday morning.  Please abide by the Code of Conduct and display your member’s window cling at the event.  We look forward to seeing you at the meeting Sunday morning. Thank you.

  • Juan Manuel Fangio Drifting in a Vintage Racer

    Epic slo-mo GIF of JMF doing what JMF did.  And looking impossibly casual doing it.  Enjoy!  (And thanks RetroGP.com)  

  • Porsche Factory Photos circa ’73

    Just some old photos I stumbled across while searching the vast corners of the web, while on the trail of some information about my 1973 project.  Factory conditions were certainly different 40+ years ago. Enjoy!

  • About Cars and Cappuccino Membership

    Cars and Cappuccino is a membership organization for European sports car enthusiasts. Inquiries about Cars and Cappuccino membership and events can be sent to: carsandcappevents@gmail.com.