2021 FAQ’s


Out of an abundance of caution, Cars and Cappuccino will follow the guidelines set by the State of North Carolina related to the COVID-19 outbreak. Currently (03/26/21) the state forbids group larger then 100 people from gathering outdoors. Once this guideline is removed or amended to legally allow a larger gathering, we will then begin holding our meetings. Until then, updated guidance provided by the state can be found here: https://www.nc.gov/covid19

Thank you for your understanding and continued discipline in helping fight the outbreak of COVID-19 in North Carolina.



Do I have to be a member to attend? No. The meeting is open to the public.
Is there a cost to attend?  No. There is no charge to attend a Cars and Cappuccino Members’ Meeting.

Can I bring my own show car to display at the event?  Not exactly.  The spaces closest to the tents and display cars and continuing towards Reid’s are specifically reserved for members. However, in 2020 we will provide 25 spaces in a reserved front row of the Neiman Marcus lot for prospective members and notable non-European cars. The cost to park in this row is $10.00 per event and all vehicles must abide by a “quiet car” policy. Parking for general attendee vehicles are in the remaining rows of the Neiman Marcus lot and the nearby garage.

Are there security or CMPD officers present during the event? Yes. In fact there are both.

Where should we enter and where do we park? All arriving traffic should enter via Bullfinch Road or South Park Drive. Cars and Cappuccino Member parking is in the spaces closest to Reid’s, McCormick & Schmicks’s and the Container Store. General attendee parking is in the Neiman Marcus lot with the first row reserved for notable non-European cars and prospective members at a cost of $10.00 per event. All traffic will exit via the traffic light at Carnegie Blvd. See the image below:

Can I become a member? Likely – assuming you have a European sports car you intend to bring.  See the details about membership here: http://carsandcappuccino.com/membership-members-meetings/

What time should I arrive?  The public is asked to arrive at 8:00 AM or later.

What time does the event end?  10:00 AM

What about rain?  Will the event still happen if the weather is bad?  Cars and Cappuccino is a “weather permitting” event.  The website with be updated with a weather decision by 6:30 AM on the morning of the event.  If it is canceled, the event will be held the next Sunday of that same month – again, weather permitting. If it rains again on that Sunday, the event is canceled for that month.  

Can I bring my family and pets?  Yes, but kids need to be attended to by their parent or guardian, especially around the member parking areas and featured cars. Pets MUST be on a leash at all times.  Please do not bring pets that become agitated or aggressive around other animals or crowds. For the sake of your pet and the other attendees, please leave them at home.

Can I take pictures?  Generally speaking, yes.  However, photography is specifically prohibited in the areas adjacent to the traffic lanes where attendees exit onto Barclays Down Drive.

What about drone photography? Drone photography is specifically prohibited.

Can I sell my car at Cars and Cappuccino? Members can place a “for sale” sign in the interior of their car.  Non-sponsor dealer cars and cars with dealer plates are prohibited. Non-sponsor “wrapped”, decaled or painted cars promoting a business are prohibited.

I’m interested in becoming a partner/sponsor of Cars and Cappuccino events, who do I contact? All sponsor inquiries can be sent to: carsandcappevents@gmail.com

What about charities? We provide space for 2 charities at each event. To inquire about space and date availability, send us an email: carsandcappevents@gmail.com

What other rules should I be aware of?

*** Please enter only through the intersection at Bullfinch or South Park drive. All traffic MUST exit via the lighted intersection at Barclay Downs Drive. ***

It is important to remember that we are guests of SouthPark Mall and the SouthPark neighborhood in general.  Spectators are asked to arrive and depart quietly and obey all requests of traffic control, mall and CMPD personnel.

NO CRUISING ALLOWED. Park your car and make some friends.

Any unsafe, unnecessarily loud or dangerous driving may result in mall management banning the driver from mall property permanently.  CMPD will be onsite and will be asked to intervene whenever any type of dangerous or nuisance type of behavior is exhibited. Violators may face criminal penalties as well if local laws or ordinances are violated. 

Do not move parking cones, rope or signs.  Violators will be asked to leave the property and may be banned by mall management.

Bikes, skateboards, scooters are prohibited. Please leave those items at home or in your car.